Sorley miss Braniff. Was with ARINC and always found our relationship to be rewarding and professional.Wish that Braniff could make it back. Had many happy flights bwtween DFA/TPA, LGA,BNA.the Cappachion was unbeatable.The acft were always bright and clean.

George Niebling Sr - Texas

"When You've Got It, Flaunt It"
Boy, those were the days. It's ashamed the only "Rainbow" left in the sky is the natural ones. You are missed, Braniff.

Jon B - St. Louis, MO, USA

I don't know why, but I just took an airplane trip and got to thinking about Braniff Airlines and what had happened to them. My kids are about the author's age. Those were great years, miniskirts, rock music, crusing, and Braniff Airlines. Didn't know they were gone, but sorry to see it. I was going to check into buying some stock.

J Ervin - Pensacola, Florida

What a great site. Thank you so much Carlos! My husband will enjoy it also- Bill Taylor MSP.

Kay Morgan Pruneda Taylor - Nashville, Tn

Worked for BI as F/A from '67 through '82 bankruptcy. Now employed with US Airways in same capacity. Would love to hear from old BI friends. Miss the great people--everyone was Worldclass! Mary Ann Thomas

Mary Ann Thomas (Neher) - Charlotte, NC

What a wonderful site!! Very well done. I too love Braniff and had a blast enjoying this site. Braniff was a cool airline with a "can do" attitude.

Tom - Louisville, Ky USA