Webmaster once again thanks for remembering our great airline and those of us that worked for Braniff. John McFarlane - BI FA 1974-1989 Cargoservice 1972-1974

John McFarlane - San Francisco

What a wonderful tribute to the memory of one of the great ones. I always was so sad when any airline went under, but especially one of the legends. My hat's off to Braniff, Pan Am, Eastern, Western, and all the others I wish were still around. Great job on the website, Carlos.

Rebecca - Montana, USA

Really enjoyed your great sight. Brought back so many memories. I was based at DFW, class of '74, F/A. Would love to hear from some old friends. Those years were truly a lot of fun - was really a great airline. Thanks for keeping it "flying!".

Cathy Carroll Hampton)MacLean - Denver, CO

This is really bring back the memories of the old Braniff. I remember the stories my folks told me about the Christmas Party that Tom Braniff use to have for the employees many,many years ago. Keep up the great job!

Katherine L. Mills Decker - Daughter of the late Captain Bob Mills based in Dallas

Thanks for getting the heart pumping and the brain thinking what if????? Found your site last week and spent 2 hours on the computer that night. Work at JFK from 9/67 to 5/82 and LGA from 2/84 to 8/84. Still in the business, working in Miami for the past 11 years. Hoping to hear from you all. meridianvp@aol.com

STAN ZALESKI - Miami, Florida

Your website made me cry!! I miss the original Braniff, which was (and still is) the colorful of the other two resurrected. Long Live!!!

DODRII - Los Angeles, CA USA!