Great Web Site! Braniff was a great airline with style and class. Remember when flying was fun? I have many great memories of flying Braniff style. There were way ahead of their time for customer service and making the passengers feel special. Great site to tribute a great airline.

Charles Stewart - Dallas, TX

Some of my best memories during an airline career that began in 1968 and continues to the present, revolved around my time with Braniff in Honolulu. It was a brief career: 1971-72, and I was just a part-time customer service agent at Honolulu Airport. But the people there were fantastic...they even referred to me as "The Director" (of Lost & Found), because I met the inbound N601BN "Fat Albert" that operated as Flight 501, most days. For this terrific website, I echo a previous person who posted, and extend a sincere Gracias & Mahalo Nui Loa!

Jerry Pickard - Richmond, BC, Canada

Braniff was a great airline and a great place to work. I have enjoyed the Braniff web site. It is a great tribute to a great company and many friends. I worked at the corporate office from 1970 to 1987. I can be emailed at

Raenell Davis - Carrollton, Tx

I was never part of the Braniff family though, while growing up in Washington in the mid-70's, my family & I flew BI regularly between IAD/DCA & home in LBB. I still vividly remember the class act that BI was. I had dreamed of going to work for BI after college, but that dream was dashed at the end of my sophomore year in college (5/82) when the end came. Two months later, we flew to DFW on Piedmont Airlines. We taxied in past terminal 2W. The entire BI fleet, a veritable rainbow of 727's (both two-tone and ultra color schemes) and the three remaining 747's, were all packed onto the ramp, awaiting their fate. I couldn't help but cry at the sight. In my opinion, Braniff's demise was the beginning of the worst era in aviation history, with the deaths of Eastern, Frontier, Pan Am, the disappearance by merger of Ozark, Piedmont, PSA, Western, and the deterioration of service to a level comparable to a trip on Greyhound. Though I still firmly believe that there is some jet fuel in my blood, the joy and glamour of being part of that world is long gone, and I can only dream and remember it and the "jellybean" airline that was such a wonderful part of it.

Ed Graham - Atlanta, GA