Hi guys and gals,how is every thing with you? rickat2@aol.com

Rick Madden - Long Beach,CA

I worked for Braniff as a flight attendant from 1977 till the end in 1982. (We were the last class to graduate in the Pucci uniform -- before Braniff went "Halston".) I was based in Dallas and San Antonio. As a Spanish speaker, I practically lived in Mexico City and Acapulco for several years. Great job, great people and great experiences for a guy in his 20's. Did a lot of charters to South America and the Caribbean -- somehow managed to make it to Carnival in Rio for two years in a row. I also was a Contributing Editor for FLYING COLORS ("COLORES TRIUNFALES") inflight magazine.

Bill Sibley - Los Angeles

What a trip it was !!! My ride began Nov 66, with an intermediate stop at DAL from May 82 to Jan 84, and then came to a halt in Sep 89. My life and times started in MSPRR, then on to DENRR, HOURR, DALRC, DALRR and finally, MSPTT. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. What a wonderful group of people and knowing that we have not been forgotten by friends, coworkers, and former "frequent flyers" brings back the warm feelings and fond memories. I am still in "the industry" as a travel agent...and now the airline industry would like to get rid of travel agents. Maybe I should have become a brain surgeon or a bankruptcy lawyer!!!!

Cindy Cowan - Twin Cities of MSP

Every time I hit a bad Florida thunderstorm, I re-live the Dallas thunderstorm of May 12, 1982. The clouds that day looked a scene from Mt. Calvary...it was clear even God was angry. This site is a tribute that BRANIFF INTERNATIONAL STILL LIVES...and RULES!

Lida Svoboda - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Carlos, Thank you so very much for making this site! I'm a former BI flight attendant who very briefly flew out of DAL before transferring to SUU/Travis AFB to fly the PAC MAC charters from 1967-72. When the base was closed, I went back to DAL to fly MEX and ACA runs. Lots of fond memories. I'd love to try and find other crew members from SUU. Hopefully that will be possible thru your site. I still work for an airline, and it's fun finding former BI's wherever one goes! Thank you again for creating this tribute!

Elaine (Hutchinson) Oakander - P.E.Oakander@worldnet.att.net