Just a postscript to my posting of a few weeks back (May 2000); if anyone from the old Honolulu 'ohana happens to check in on this guestbook, sees my name and wants to get in touch, maybe to re-live some of the old "19th puka" post-502 glory days (naaaaaahhh!), feel free to drop me an e-mail: uhalum@yahoo.com (yes, I did finally graduate from UH). So, Dick S, Rodger M, Larry B, Darrell N, Ron S, Marilyn B, Barb S, Maryann H, Roy A, Jeff S, Mike W, Mearlene S, it'd be 'shaka' to hear from you...or from anyone else of that location & era, 'cause I know I've forgotten a few (a bit senile here nowadays, ya know!). Again, a big 'mahalo nui loa' for this website's originator -- I lack Spanish but make up for it in other ways. "Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono"

Jerry Pickard - Richmond, BC, Canada

Great site. Branniff is just one of those airlines that has allways fascinated me!

Jeremiah Teahan - Ireland

Unlike Braniff's trademark colours, my mind is really fading. I see that on my previous a.p.b. posting, I forgot to list some other key Honolulu staffers. My apology to you: Cass M, Mike L (hey, we can still see you on the Five-O reruns though, brah!), Murph ("what you do is, you just no-show the whole flight and start over again" `;-/), Tom and Anna. Maybe others will come back to me too. A hui hou, folks!

Jerry Pickard - Richmond, BC, Canada

Flew for BI in the seventies and eighties feeel like I grew up on a 727. Good memories, good people, felt like a family. You love to re-live a couple of trips.

Carol South - Waco, Texas

I am a pilot and was revisiting some BI memories from when I was a kid, when I found this site. Very well done! I miss the flying colors, especially the Calder airplanes....

Forrest Glass - Abilene, Texas