If anyone would be interested in working for Braniff in the near future . . . please contact me. If you would possibly be interested in investing in Braniff please email me sjpdallas@hotmail.com. We hope to fly out of Love once again. If you are sad about what happened to this great airline--stay off American!!

Stephen Parker - Dallas

Employee May 12,1947 to May 12,1982 Exactly 35 years.

Mel Pronneke - Tulsa, OK

employed 67-82-bounced around industry and with us airways 87-present-i have never had close relationship with present employees as i had with braniff co-workers--braniff was and is a family.would like to hear from anyone that will send me email...if sa employess have access to site pls respond - braniff16@aol.com ...hey anyone know carroll ann williams.....love to all jim

james (jim) fey - charlotte nc us airways

I just finally found the Braniff International website that gave me a lot of memories that I flew when I was a little. I remember that my first Braniff plane was blue fuelsage with white tail fin and used to bring my panda bear with me. It was flew from Dallas to Amarillo. I believe that Braniff International stewderess was so friendly. I will not forget that. I believe that Braniff International website is so beautiful and so cool!

Jeff Reeves - Dallas, Texas

Just had to say Hello. Are you watching ebay # 390207134 ? It may be a sleeper. Hard to guess. Every time I visit your site I am greeted by a beautiful picture.

Ed Beauford/ old friend - Boerne, Texas

I worked for Braniff from 1978-1981. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the bussiness.

Terry Major - Wichita ks