I worked for Eastern Airlines at JFK in the mid-sixties. We had "interchange" flights with Braniff to S.America, and pass-privileges to fly on them. I will never forget sitting in First Class during the approximately 3 hour beautiful flight over the Andes between Lima and Santiago. The service was as exquisite as the scenery and it took the entire 3 hours for the flight crew to provide their incredible food & beverage offerings. Ah the glory days!

Enid Cohen - Dallas,TX

I was in the first class after the bank rupsy. It was my dream to fly for Braniff since I was a child growing up in Dallas. Thank you for the good times.

Steve Goodnight - Ft.Worth, Tx

Hi Braniff Friends. Have good memories about Braniff. Pilots of Braniff I would like to hear from you. jetstrem@aol.com

James L. Cooper - Frisco, TX

I too use to make trips to Shreveport Regional Airport to spot BN planes traveling through to New Orleans, Ft. Smith, AR (can you believe that one), Tulsa and Kansas City. Braniff was a special carrier - probably ahead of its time for style, sophistication,etc. My last flight on BN was from Acapulco to Houston - a fabulous experience, atmostphere, food and style. I'm surprised that BN has not been resurected again in this economy - it would probably make a difference. BN made flying SPECIAL not an everyday event - and if it was an everday event it was fun. Long live the spirit of Braniff International Airways ... My mother worked the Braniff City Ticket Office/Reservations office in downtown shreveport the evening that Tom Braniff perhished in a plane crash in a nearby lake due to bad weather. She actually received a call from Mrs. Braniff asking if anyone knew if Mr. Braniff had attended mass before they left on a hunting trip. He was very religous. Keep this site going!

Joe - New Orleans

Worked in Dallas res and Fll and Mia as ticked agent in '70s. Still trying to located dear old friend Don Smith from Love Field Reservations.

Jay greenberg - Lake Worth, FL