Hi, my name is Rupert Hoenig. I started working for BN in Dec 1954,in maintenance. I was QC Supervisor the last 17 years. After bankruptcy, off to Saudia Arabia for 4 years. Then back to Dalfort(old BN) for threeyears. Then to Associated Air center for eight years,then IAS in Ft Worth for two years. I then retired, formed my own consulting business and stay very busy. Moved to Lake Kiowa retirement community in 1992. Live on the golf course and play some golf bertween consulting jobs. Would like to hear from some of you maintenance guys, My e-mail is: rahoenig@nortexinfo.net

Rupert Hoenig - Lake Kiowa, TX

I was fortunate enough to fly Braniff once when I was very young on a trip with my parents, whenever I fly today I always think back to that trip and how sad it is they are no longer flying... Braniff was truly classy not all chessy like todays airlines with those crappy seats, horrid flight attendent outfits, and putrid color schemes.....

Jeremy - LA California USA

Hello, My name is Jeff, and am deaf. When I saw your Braniff website, and it gave me a lot of memories about the fun airplane called "Braniff International" where the world fell love with. I recalled of my first flight was dark blue fuelsage with white tail fin, and it was night. My parents, sister and I rode the first one flying from Dallas to either Amarillo or Houston. My big favorite was Big Orange 747, and always ask my parent that I want to ride this one, and my parent say "no" so I waited until I get older and it was TWA 747 last September 1992 from Dallas via St. Louis to London, England UK. And also already rode DC-10. I have Big Orange 747 model at home. And also the picture that I put it on the wall near my bed. I miss Braniff alot. I could see the ghost of Big Orange 747 Braniff flying across in front of my eyes.


Like to hear from anyone we know. aswain@worldnet.att.net

Al and Arlyne Swainf - Sachse, TX

Any other Braniffs out there? mcbraniff@hotmail.com

Mike Braniff - Yonkers,New York,U.S.A.?