These pictures are so wonderful - I feel that the memories that I have of being a flight attendant for BI put by memories into pictures. This was truly a emotional, heartwarming experience! Thank you!

Here I am again! I graduated from FA in 74 at BI Place If anyone remembers me I flew from 74-81 I would love to hear from you I hurt by back on BI in 81 - So when BI filed bankrupcy my health and the only job I have ever truly loved was gone for ever! Thanks Hardy Lawrance - I remember in traning when BI decided to GROW speard their flying colors all over the place and ,ofcourse, great move with deregulation! my co-worker Flight attendant who was setting next to me said, "THIS WILL MAKE US - YOUR BRAKE US BOY WAS SHE RIGHT!THANK YOU,THANK YOU, FOR BRINGING BACK SO MANY WONDERFUL MEMORIES!I ALSO HAVE MY ORIGINAL HALSTON COAT, UNIFORMS, HAT, SHOES (PUCCI) HALSTON SUITCASE, 5 YEAR PIN, CHOKER PIN, I LOVED FLYING BRAINIFF STYLE! VICKIE

Vickie Carlson-Thill - MSP

I was a f/a in June 1965 class, left to get married (it was the law back then)trying to find my old friend Diane Clements, her dad was a navigator for BI out of DAL for many years. Last I knew she was in MIA. Any other old class mates out there?

Ann Hathaway Stone - Woodland Park Co

Thanks for such the wonderful page. "Braniff - Believe It!"

Tony Best - Brentwood,California

Although I do not remember much about Braniff International, I did fly them. My mother was an employee of both Braniff I and II. This is a wonderful site, about a wonderful airline. Thanks!

John - Ann Arbor, MI

Those were the days my friends!

Fearless Fain - Dallas, Texas