Worked for Braniff 1961/62 reservations & CTO Wichita, Kansas. Proud of our air line and sorry to see it cease, fond memories of people and the company.

Judy Whiteley Duncan - Everett, Washington

BN/BI dal res 66 to 82- words cannot express my feelings for my BN life,i still miss it and the people, hope all my BI friends are doing well-Alice if you are out there get in touch --- Love the web page

Jan (coleman) Vanhorn - FTW

Best 17 years of my life were spent with Braniff. I started my career in Sioux City Iowa in 1966 then moved to St. Louis for 12 years and finally Kansas City where I was when they when Bankrupt. Any of the old Braniff gang from Sioux City, St. Louis or Kansas City that sees this message, please respond, I would like to hear from any of you

Leo "Skip" Camerer - Sioux City, Iowa

Does anyone know if you have an organization of former Braniff Flight Attendants in the San Francisco area? If so could someone please contact me!!!!!!!!!!

Ingrid French - Danville, CA

Very nice site. I worked for Braniff between 78-82, and look back on those years very fondly.

Randy Harkins - Colorado

Nice to see that someone has created this site. I was only at BI as a pilot for 18 months in 79 and 80 but sure had a great time while it lasted. Have been a 737 Captain at MarkAir and am presently flying the MD-11 for FedEx. Hope the 3rd time is the charm. Anyone know the whereabouts of Sam Montoya; one of my classmates?

Steve Sanford - Bellevue, WA