Former employee. MEM, MKE, BOS, DFW(HDQ)

Michael Wickman - NYC

This is a wonderful tribute to a truly unique airline. Often imitated but never duplicated is a phrase I would use to compare other airlines to BI - they just don't have it. I'd love to see the wonderful, multicolored "art with wings" fly again someday. Why does air travel have to be boring? :-)

Dave Gammage - Kansas City - MCI

My father worked for Braniff from 1956 until May 1982. He worked in Wichita, Kansas (ICT) from 1959 to 1982. He was on the last revenue flight to operate after the bankruptcy. The 747 from HNL to DFW landed the next morning after the shutdown. The airline had technically shot down while the 747 was on the way to HNL, but the flight crew changed clothes and deadheaded back to DFW, only to arrive at DFW at daybreak to a ramp full of aircraft. What a great airline, and great memories.

Kim Hackett - Kim Hackett, Wichita, KS

Excellent site. Thank you for bringing back great memories of an excellent airline. Captain Jerry McElroy,ret.(3/2/1964 thru the end)

Jerry L. McElroy - Mooresville, NC

Hello to all friends and missing you still.

Chris Verville - Orlando Florida

I was employed as a mechanic from 7-7-67 until the very end. Based at Love Field and DFW. Now Retired from USAirways.

Wendell W. Rich - Gordonville TX