I became an aviation enthusiast at the age of about 10 yrs old and discovered Braniff at about 12 yrs.My most treasured possesion was a photo of a stewardess standing in the intake area of a newly aquired 747, sadly I have not seen that photo for thirty years.Moving house and jobs, It got misplaced, I am so pleased that someone is keeping the memory alive, I too used to have a childhood dream of one day working for the worlds most colourful airline, sadly not to be.

Colin Talbot - Liverpool England

I saw you a lot in the book, Airline identity,design and culture.

Eric Jones - Portland Maine

Happy Holidays to Carlos and everyone in Miami! Thanks for continuing to be part of "The Braniff family!"

Brooke D. Watts, director, The Braniff Pages
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Attention all crewmembers/maintenance:I fly for Air Transport International.We are the last pax DC-8 airline that I know of.One of our pax DC-8-62s is N31CX,this used to be PANAGRA/BN N1806 MSN/45911 fuselage#318!!!I am going to be "FLYING THE COLORS" from Travis,AFB to Honolulu and then PJON and PKWA!!

Mark Bird - Las Vegas,NV

Wonderful Braniff site! The design and layout really show off your graphic design talents. With so much talent between you, Ian, Brooke and so many others, Braniff would be #1 if it were still flying today. But your site keeps it flying in our hearts. Best of luck.

Anthony Stramaglia - Florham Park, NJ

This is a wonderful page with a lot of details. I also work for an airline and would've loved to work for the flying colours...

Michael Stief - Zürich, Switzerland