I have always remembered Braniff International as a special airline. My father was a long time TWA employee, and since my mother's side of the family lived in Dallas, (which TWA did not serve during those years), we flew once a year, every year on BI, and they always put us in First Class. Even after I couldn't travel on passes any longer, I would always choose to fly Braniff (or TWA!!). In 1985 I was hired by Western Airlines, and now currently survived by Delta. There are still former BI cabin staff and employees who were hired by WAL, still working or flying now with Delta. Back in the 1980's when Braniff really came into it's own with the "ultra" look and the Halston designed uniforms, the best word to describe Braniff was "one classy airline". Today, now that practically every airline has leather seats in First Class/Premium Class, Braniff started it all back in the 80's. Braniff also taught those of us left in the airline industry one thing: nothing is sacred anymore, and those of us former Western Airlines employees remember too well, the demise of Braniff, and we pulled together to make Western profitable. A former employee of the "Champagne Airline", toasts the Braniff site, and the former employees that made Braniff classy and elegant, up to BN's final hour.

Tom Gerlits - Los Angeles, California

Carlos, wonderful job! Amazing how many of us remember Braniff as our happiest days. Thank you. (JFKOOBN 1978-1982)

Maureen ("Mo") McMahon - Buffalo, NY

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Pedro Alvarez - Lima, Perú

BN was a GREAT Airline,with a lot of fond memories. It is a same as to how todays's Airline Business, has turned into such a Circus. 1953-1993 RETIRED.LCA,SOU,RC, NW.

Paul Webb - Knoxville, Tenn.

The BI site looks great, almost painful. The best years of my life. Haven't been able to get it all in one bag since. I miss LAD and all the great folks I worked with.

Gary L. Cassell - Etter, PA., USA