Your page is fantastic, I have lots of Flight Attendant picts graduations if you ll like, and I am looking for peole who could provide me with Flight Attendant training material of Braniff Felicitaciones Happy holidays

Alejo Llarocca - Argentina-USA

I loved Braniff Int'l. I flew on Braniff in 1980 when I was about 11 years old. My mom, myself and my little brother flew from LAX to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We stopped in Santiago, Chile and there I was able to sneek a peak in First Class and the luxurious first class lounge. I remember how nice the stewards and stewardesses were..and how they treated my mom so nicely and lovingly. Service was different on Braniff. My mom even to this day remembers the level of professionalism they all had with her. She always mentions the free hot towels in coach, which is not seen today....I remember going to the cockpit and talking to the flight crew, sitting in the cockpit and taking a pic. The pilot or copilot was from Dallas, Tx. Im' so glad I looked up this website. Beautiful colors, big orange Braniff 747. Keep up the awesome memories. Your friend Bruno J. Peiten.

Bruno Jose Peiten - Los Angeles

DAL RES 1965-67 MSP FTO 1967-69 It's a great site and brings back memories of good times. Still see of the gang here once in a while at DFW.

Gerald L. Hunt - Lewisville, Tx

I was in training at the Braniff Hostess College (2801 Wycliff) when Bobby Kennedy was killed, flew in that great pink and plum uniform, and loved it all! I was based in Dallas, flew Acapulco layovers for fun (a five day trip...that was fun for those of us who were so junior)and transferred to SUU for PAC MAC.....It was so long ago but yet so wonderful...and more a part of history than I ever realized. I hated seeing Braniff go under...the irony of the rise and fall of Braniff, belonging to one man.....never escapes me. Harding Lawrence, wherever you robbed us, and the country, of your most creative gift--- the end of the plain plane. You took a Pepsi Cola airline and gave it great style and class...we were unique...we couldn't walk through a terminal anywhere without making our mark..we knew we were special...but tell me, who in their right mind schedules a 747 from Dallas to Seoul?

Susan Ward - Poulsbo, Washington