I'd like to know about my Braniff friends here in Brazil. They are quiet. ferd56ama@yahoo.com

In Campinas - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Does anyone know how to obtain a passanger manifest from July 1, 1969 from Ft Lewis Wa to CamRon Bay Vietnam? selene.valdez@va.gov

Selene - Colorado

This is my first time on this site very interesting right now i am part of saving braniffs first headquarters building on lemmon ave at love field the city is trying to tear it down please go to savebraniff.com to send a small donation and sign the petition to reuse the building for multiuse and repurpose thank you.

Chris Brock - Ft. Worth, TX

I worked for Braniff at the Dallas reservations center and at LAX from about 1987 to 1990. Would love to get in touch with any co-workers from this time! klb6321@comcast.net

Karen Boyle - Washington State

My father Ashton "Boo" Langlinais was one of the pilots of the Calder plane. I have several copies of the original magazine ad featuring my father and two other pilots along with the Calder plane. I would be interested in any information available and willing to share info and Braniff collectibles. Thanks - ashton@wowtechnologies.com

Ashton Langlinais Jr. - Louisiana

looking for a braniff employee that I would like to find..her name then was Barbara Ahrens..She worked at both Dallas & Lubbock reservation centers....I worked with her at LBB res in 1968-69 ....thank-you - trvlinz99@yahoo.com

Doug Rader - Pikeville, Kentucky

Started in 1968 at Ord. Worked in IAH from 1973 until bankruptcy. Now am Deputy with HCSO. Any old cargomen out there e-mail me. rkeppler@houston.rr.com

Roger Keppler - Pearland, TX