It is great to see this site up and running. As a former Braniff Flight Attendant (74-82) I vividly recall the day I was told I was hired. Who would have thought 26 years later I would still be flying--this time with Northwest. I miss my friends and I especially miss the laughter.

John Frasca - Richmond, VA

A very nostalgic site! I am trying to locate a Dallas based flight attendant, Mary Witt, who is an old friend of mine, she flew during the middle 70's, and lived for a time at the Spanish Trace apartments on Northwest Hiway in Dallas. If you know where she is, please E-Mail me at Thanks!

Dale Ludwig - Fort Worth, Texas

What a delight! It is terrific to find such a comprehensive site dedicated to the world's greatest airline. For those of us who share its name and attempt to continue living its flair, this site is a welcome find. Kudos.

Eduardo A. Braniff - New York City

Wonderful graphics!

Michael Perelson - Guilford, CT

I remember when I was 5 years old and I saw my first airplane and it was a Braniff 727-200 Flying colors landing at OMA. That was the start of my aviation kick and 21 years later, I'm still just as crazy about airplanes as I was then! I must say that I will always have a special place in my heart for Braniff, because it was the first plane I ever remember seeing and I love the colors! I guess Braniff was my first true love! :)

Ken Collins - Chicago, IL