What wonderful memories this brings!! I worked for Braniff at Exchange Park and Love Field from 1959 till 1972. Thanks to Braniff my world truly did expand. I loved the travel opportunities and enjoyed my time with Braniff friends. Ruth Vandeventer Cohen


NOTHING now like the original carriers. A forty year airline veteran, currently with Delta, originally with Frontier; at one point part of Braniff III, the original Braniff still holds the most magical history of any. This site is a beautiful historical tribute. Viva la diferencia!

Mary Lou Wood - DFW

What a nice web site!. I remember the golden years of Braniff,during 1980 and 1982. We traveled a lot of times by Braniff from Mexico City to San Antonio. I saw many Braniff planes in diferent colors. Now in 2001 the first year of the new millenuim, I fell a few nostalgic for this great company. I ask my self what was the big mistake ?for the company´s bankrupty or who was blame?. But past is past. We can´t do nothing. I think you should create a museum with Braniff. Tranks a lot, friends!

Alfonso Piedras Ania - Mexico City

I have not been on a plane in many years, but when I did fly regularly, back in the 1960's and 70's, I most often flew Braniff. It was a great airline, and the most colorful airline as well--literally--with its brightly colored aircraft that always stood out in the crowd. I am sorry that Braniff has disappeared from the air, but it's nice to visit it once again in cyberspace.

Jerry Redmond - Huntington, NY

Great site! It brings me back memories of this great airline which was an icon of the city of Dallas.

Newman Huh