Hi to everyone related to Braniff Airlines It is so exsiteing to see this web site. I worked for braiff from 1977 to 1981 at DFW, started as FA for six mo. then as an In Flight Supv for two and a half years at DFW. I was also in Braniffs newspaper Advertising for In Flight Services. I hope I will be able to here form people I worked with. Mike mrschmugge@sc.com

mike schmugge - Austin, TX

Great website! I went to Braniff Educations Systems Inc. (BESI) in 1980 to become a ticket agent. However I was homesick and went back to Fairbanks, Alaska instead of pursuing an airline career at that time. After moving to Seattle in 1987, I did a refresher type of course and then I went to work for BN on the ticket counter in MCI. I was there until September of 1989 when they filed bankruptcy and laid us off. I would love to hear from anyone and my e-mail address is Ksearfus888@aol.com. I am looking for an old and great friend from MCI, Bob Tinkus aka "tuna" who was with the original BN before coming back to the 1984 BN. I believe that his wife "fang?" worked for AA in DFW. Thanks.

Kathy Searfus - Seattle, WA

So much can be written but, not enough said...we were the best!

Patrick Armstrong - Dallas/Ft. Worth

I started with Braniff in 1962 until there unfortunate end in 1982. I started in San Antonio and transferred to Dallas in 1972. Remember when you flew BECAUSE the food was good? Braniff started "cappucino." I worked in Reservations in Dallas, and for a season I worked the "Sports Desk" where we handled all the Professional and collegiate teams. Does ANYONE have a picture of the "Cowboy" plane? I would LOVE a copy of that? Please send me a note on the Email Smcsand@aol.com. The WONDERFUL days of flying were with Braniff!! Carlos, this is a wonderful site.

Sandy McMahon - San Antonio, Tx

Thanks for the addition of the travel posters Hello to all my Braniff Family I have moved to Pasadena California. John McFarlane Braniff 1972-1989 Cargo/Flight Attendant

John McFarlane - Los Angeles/Pasadena