Seeing this web-site takes me back to when I was just a boy in Dallas and my Dad (Jim) was on the grave-yard shift with his friends and co workers, Tacket,Wade, Turner, Fusselman and several others I can't remember.

William Lowden - Norfolk, Va

I´m so happy for having found the Braniff homepage. Im my childhood in the sixties, I flew two or three times with BI in South America. It was the time in which the stewardesses were dressed so nice in colourful mini-dresses. Maybe that in my father's diapositives (slides) there are some snapshots of that time. I'll search for.. A lot of greetings from Germany to all you BI-friends! Henning

Henning Krüger - Rüsselsheim, Germany

I now work for AA for almost 20yrs now but they will never hold a candle to BI. gone but not forgotten...

Don Brandt - okc

I need help.. I purchased Braniff Airlines Stock in the early 1980's and they went bust... The stock was then converted to Dairy something as best I can remeber I have misplaced or totally lost my stock certificate... Can anyone help me I own stock in something but I'm not sure what or even where to start looking.........

Debbie - Georgia SDWANTS@AOL.COM

I worked in the credit union 1970 - 1981. This website brought back some fantastic memories.

Janie Doyle Getz - Ft. Worth Area

Was just thrilled to see this wonderful web site for BI...another Braniff flight attendant emailed me about it....My base date with BI was 5-9-77 I was based in DFW briefly and then in DEN until BI went under....Would love to hear from BI people.....Thanks for taking the time to put this super web site together...really enjoyed it!.....

Frankie Addington - Wyoming