Martorell, Barcelona, spain comments: Your site is great. Braniff was the best airline in the world and it remember me the Jet Age people who travelled around the world spending their youth between barbacoes and martinis.

Josep Benages SangŁesa - Martorell, Barcelona, Spain

SUCH WONDERFUL MEMORIES...what an innovative marketing strategy. My hat's off to the Lawrences!! We can all say, "We were the "Best of the Best". I was as a FA Sept '69 in Dallas, TX & would love to hear from my classmates. Also, I would love to hear from the July 71 hijacked crew memebers. We were flying from Acapulco to SAT w/stopover in Mexico City & were hijacked prior to landing in SAT. Capt. Dale Bessett, 1st Off. Bill Williams, FE Phil Wray, FA's Tina Gonzales, ?? Williams, Jeanie Crebbs & one more??... can't believe I have forgotten these names. I have lots of US & So.Am. newspaper articles regarding the events.

Suzi Jackson - Dallas, Tx

Having grown up in an American Airlines home, Braniff later became my "family." And what a great family. I miss them all. From Joe Darr and Frankie Conner in MEM when I started in '73, to a list of people too long to list in MIA from '75 until the end in '82. A great site to keep the colours flying.

Michael Riley - Tulsa

As a former Braniff Pilot, I'm interested in the story of why a Braniff commercial is run at the very end of the T.V. Cartoon Program of "Southpark"? If anyone out there has insight into this, please let me know. I still have a soft spot in my heart for the "Flying Colors"

John S. Wilson - Dayton, Ohio

There are few pilots that are as fortunate as the ones that spent years flying for Braniff. We enjoyed our job and the many friends we made working for this great airline.

Marty Ott - Fort Lauderdale, FL