I witnessed the explosion of flight 352 May 5, 1968 and was living 3 miles from the crash site. There was a storm in the area at the time prior to the explosion that I witnessed from my den. I, a neighbor, and a Texas Hiway Patrolman located the crash site and were the first persons on the scene. I did not go to the creek bed where most of the debris and bodies were located. I worked in the Dawson Gym which had been turned into a morgue. I went to the Holiday Inn in Corsicana and worked as a counseler for those coming in to claim the passengers remains on the flight. I worked almost around the clock until Saturday eve. 5-6th and was to the point of emotional and physical exhaustion. There are mysteries that I hold to be evident that were never cleared up in all I can find on the investigation. The time element has never coincided with the official investigations as to when I witnessed the bright explosion that shook the windows of my home. The investigators arrived in less time than it took to travel from Dallas to the plane crash site. The banking of the plane to rip off the wing theory is not consistant with the bright welding like flash I witnessed. I have tried to lay this experience to rest but recently was interviewed by Brooke Watts as to my involvement in the clean up of the crash. I am a Baptist Minister and I have carried this around in my life all these years with questions and doubts abounding. Perhaps, only our dear Lord is the only one to know the truth. I never bought into the press releases. But then, I never thought Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy, either. God Bless Rev. J.B. Shewmake

J.B. Shewmake - Midland, Texas

I was Stn.Mgr, for BN at LGW 1978-80 any old LGW or 'Fat Albert' BN601/602 crew reading this who remember me. Send me an 'e' mail, I would love to hear from you.

Bill Quirie - braniffbill@tesco.net

i am looking for a friend that worked for braniff in san antonio in 1958 her last name was alaniz but she got married and i lost touch thanks lessley

lessley moseley - Texas lespro@msn.com

My father worked for Braniff in Lima Peru for almost 20 years. This is really a well done site!!! It remains me lots of fine memories of my childhood. Best airline ever exist... "Braniff's Flying Colors still flying up high with this web site", congratulations...!

Juan Carlos Verastegui Jr - Miami, Fl