Great site. There were so many story-worthy experiences with B-one. Maybe I'll be able to share some of them if there's room here. Otherwise, it might make another interesting page. Sending a B-Liner cover in a seperate e-mail. Many, many fond memories of many, many fine people whom I met in my brief 9-1/2 year sojourn with Braniff. Thanks for sparking some of them for me. Peter O. Herbert Airport Supervisor Houston Airport System Bush-IAH

Peter Herbert - Still (again) in Houston

Looking forward to the reunion on March 18, 2001. Email me.

Timothy Rolen - Euless, TX -

I worked for Marriott Inflite from 1979 to 1983. I broke in on Braniff at OKC and the things I remembered were wonderful. I have very fond memories of BI and was pleased to find this site and others. I found a picture of a 727 taking off with a Marriott truck in the foreground (MCO). It was great to remember the good times in the industry. It is a good thing to remember. I hope that at some point and time we will see a DC 8-62 in BI colors again. Again thanks for the memories.

I also forgot to mention that Oklahoma City was the first alternate to DFW. We always saw 601 and 602 when DFW went on divert and it seemed that during the spring we would see more of them. When they would show we would also see 15 to 20 727s right along with them. It was pretty amazing to see all of it. I was blessed to break in on Braniff and will continue to have fond memories of them.

Jim Harlow - Oklahoma City

I started on the airline industry with Braniff International at Lima. A USA company fully identify with Southamerica market and their people. Congratulations to the people who create this web and still love this great company.

J.Carlos Verastegui G. - LIMA - PERU