I traveled all over on Braniff and never had a bad meal, flight or experience, she was a wonderful Airline, I still miss the colorful B-727's and 747's lined up at their gates ready to fly.

Frank Cullen - Texas

I was a ramp agent at sju.it was fun working with braniff 727.does anybody have photos of the concorde in braniff colors and also the 727?im willing to buy them1 thanks!

HERNAN MATOS - Orlando, FL - airacobra2000@hotmail.com

My wife and i meat while working for Braniff both of us stell love Braniff and it means a lot to us

William F. Hall - Texas

Love to read any and all about Braniff. I think the web-sites are terrific. Just a few minutes ago, said to my wife......I wish they didn't go out of business. It was a great company, and a great job. Was at JFK from March of 1973 until the end in 1982.

Pete Hults- Massapequa Park, N.Y.

Hello fellow Braniff people. I was a flight attendant with Braniff from 1989, and am interested in Braniff International airplane models, and also pucci flight attendant uniforms. Please email me at Stewboy30@hotmail.com, Thanks

Brett Stoepler - New York City

I guess I'm a little slow, but I am just now finding some of the Braniff sites. I just never dreamed that there would still be this connection after all these years. I'm so thrilled. I was a flight attendant from 1974 until a year after the start of the new Braniff. I moved back to Dallas recently to fly again, but with a private fractional ownership company. Would love to hear from any of my old friends who may see this. God Bless.

Susan Mann - Dallas, TX