I My father was on the flight in Dawson Texas in 1968 .Please cantact me if you have any information . Thank you

Parker Yochim - Erie PA

Nice site good work!

Gabriele Re Cecconi - Italy

I went Braniff Internional training school at Love field in 1974. It eas the best airline training school. I went on to work for United Airlines as a reservation agent in Denver, Colo. I would love to hear from anyone who attendanted school at BESTI in Nov-DEC 1974 and Royal Smith who was one of my teachers and friend there. I will always miss seeing the midnight blue 727's landing at Stapleton Int'l airport.

Steve Williamson - Jaksonville, Fl

We where part of the Braniff Hotel Division which started in Lima -Peru when My father opened the Tambo de Oro for Braniff in Lima - Peru in September 69. My father was part of the 5 boarding Chefs that BI had in those days. Willy Rossel is Dallas, Felix Meier in NY, Frederico Buecker in BA, Alex Cardini in Acapulco and my father, Roger Piaget in Lima-Peru. My father became a member of BI after the merger of Panagra and Braniff was signed at Le Pavillon in Lima in 66.
What wonderful meals were served in those days on the flights, and that is 30 years ago.
Thank you for the wonderful flights to all the pilots and stewardesses and pursers of those memorable 70's.

Jean-Pierre Piaget - Austin - Texas

Great site! My time at Braniff will always be the most special years of my life. The industry has forever lost the elegance and fun that was Braniff. Now we just fly - how boring, how sad

Dan Denton - Chicago, IL