I flew on Braniff as a kid, back when the cockpit door could be opened and the pilot woudl give a kid a pair of Braniff wings...and those awesomedecks of Braniff playing cards. The first time I saw a Braniff plane at DFW, I called them "popsicle planes". It was better day when Braniff was at DFW.

Chris Scorgie - Dallas, TX

if only the flying public could remember the service they rec from braniff, and the service they rec now.

Bob Thomas - New Caney, TX

My father Lloyd Harrison worked for Braniff from 1956-1982. I miss Braniff so much. I just came back from the Air and Space Museum in D.C. and saw a few Braniff things. Most of them weren't even labeled. :-(. Pan Am has their own plexiglass case full of memoribilia. Why in the world doesn't Braniff have one?? Surely enough of us have a few tidbits to donate? I made a page on facebook for those of us "Braniff-brats" who don't want to forget this wonderful airline. Sadly, we are the last generation to "remember." I was 12 when they went bankrupt in 1982. This page is awesome and you should think about creating a "Facebook" page too because that's what the "Younger" generation is using. Mine is very plain and basic. I did link this page and Brooke Watts page on it. I hope that is ok.

Dana Barr - Lexington, Kentucky

Any Houston employees out there or anybody that remembers me? jwo1950@aol.com

Jim Womack - Houston, TX

Love this site. I have loved anything Braniff all my life. My father Maurice Brockman worked for Braniff in Tulsa, Kansas City and Oklahoma City in the Customer Service area.

Elizabeth LeForce - Moore, OK