I worked for Braniff from 1959 to 1964 and was there when Braniff got it its first jets.

Bob Wollard - Dallas

Great site Carlos! I love the fact that one can browse through the guestbook and read stories from past employees, family, etc.
My connection is through my father Frank L. Achilles, Jr (known as Kelly) who worked for Panagra, then Braniff. He retired in the mid-70's after 29 yrs +/- with the airline of which I have fond memories. You see I used to go with dad to the office Saturday mornings and after he checked on Mainenance related issues from his office we would usually venture down to the hanger where I could get a close up view of the planes in their various dismantled stages. I can remember flying the old Electra's when I was very young and of course brightly colored jets in the 70's. I have several pieces of memorabilia that I treasure as does my mother. She still displays a large model of the Braniff Concorde which was given to my father.
I love reading the guestbook stories, several of which stirred emotions from memories of long ago.
Thanks for keeping these sites and the BI memories alive.
P.S. Do you know if there are BI screen savers anywhere? I'll bet this would be a hot item. Let me know.

Michael Achilles - Macungie, PA

It is fantastic to see the best airline in the world preserved by this fantastc, colourful website. I miss BN very much and my dream is to see BN in the skies again.

Fletcher McCaffery - Queensland, Australia

Great to see the colors are still flying. I was a pilot for Braniff from 1977-1982 (B-727-DC-8) and my father was also a Braniff pilot in the late 30's and early 40's flying DC-2's and 3's. Hello to all the Braniff family!

Jim Mackenzie - San Antonio, Texas

Hello. I am starting a collection of Braniff textiles and furniture from the waiting rooms. Does anyone have any or know where I can get anything associated with that? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Colen - Toronto hcolthurst7789@home.com