My mother worked for Braniff for 30yrs.I miss all the great people who worked there.Wish all the best of life and fun

Barbara Rossetter - Kansas City

I started as a Cabin Attendant in 1971 based in BUE, Argentina whery by in my 1st flight was nicknamed "Tero" reason for having created an address that could reunite us friends of the golden days. After training new personnel in the Latin American region left as a Supervisor in 1979 to become an "International Banker". An anecdote, after visiting half the world in those years, one way or the other (bathrooms, jump seats, navigator seats) I always maked it. As we did foy any other airline employee. However and on my first fully paid 1st class confirmed seat from BUE to NYC, and requesting BI - of course - I was almost bumped from 1st class. Those magnifecent years and the things we did, cannot be repeated/duplicated in today's industry. Please do include my

Armando Blasco - Miami, FL

Wonderful research and information, Carlos. I still fondly remember the colourful Braniff jets that would fly over on final approach to what was then runway 11R, when I was a kid in Minneapolis, MN. Sometimes Blue, sometimes Brown, sometimes Green! You never knew which shade would appear next. Lots of fun for a kid who always gazed at the sky...

Steven Davidson - Bemidji, MN

I flew BI many times as a kid. growing up in Austin, BI was my Mom's favorite airline for flying back to NJ and Hawaii on. I remember great service, nice planes, good food. I still have some of those black/white coffee cups. Back then, flying was style, enjoyable and relaxing. Now days, it's cut-throat and basically hell. Deregulation is mostly to blame for this, then the fare wars of the 1980s and early 1990s. Braniff was a great airline, the 2 re-births should have never been able to start back up. I now am Medallion with Delta, but even 1st class service is like coach use to be. I miss FLYING COLORS :(

Kevin - Metro Atlanta area