Hey all you x BN Flight Attendants. Drop me an email if you know me. I flew from 78 to 82, based in MSP, BOS, and IAH. I'm out of the business working a corporate job at AMEX. Now I'm the passenger.

By the way...Does anyone know where PHYLLIS FRANKLIN is? I'd love to get a hold of her. Billwa@aol.com

Bill Ward - Minneapolis, MN

B17 pilot in WW2. Spent two years in German Prisoner of War Camp. 1945 joined Braniff in Austin,TX. Moved to Dallas in the 50's. Officed at the General Office, 9th floor. Moved to the new Braniff Place. Retired by luck on April 14,1982. Those were colorful times for me and my family. I own the tail number fusalage section of N601Bn. Our first 747 "Braniff Place". God Bless to all. I am 82 and life has been wonderful. Dwight Chiles Clock Number 059.

C. Dwight Chiles - Dallas, Texas

I have always help a special place in my heart for Braniff. My mother in law was a flight attendent (stewardess) for BI in and around 57 to 60. BI Started in OKC and I worked with a man who worked for Fred Jones Ford, and Fred Jones was on the board of directors of BI. I have flown them several times, the first being when i was very small and we went to Las Vegas. Great website..h

Larry Mooney - Edmond, OK (OKC)

this is a wonderful homepage! Congratulations. I'm very interested in historic airlines like Braniff. For my collection of airline spoons I would very much appreciate to receive a pictures of spoons used on board. Maybe somebody out there could help me?
Best regards from Germany,
J. Mauser

Juergen Mauser - Germany

This is the first time I've gone to this site. I hope to reconnect with some old flying mates.