No other airline had the COOL of Braniff International. The flight attendants, pilots, ticket agents all seemed to have there Act together. I miss BI, and wish they were still up there!

Doug Seabolt - Los Angeles, California

I just happened upon this website I think it is really cool. It reminds me of all the style that the airline had in when I was a kid in the early 70's. Being the son of a former Braniff employee I think this is a great way to remember on of the coolest airlines that ever flew. My father worked for Braniff at MCI for almost 30 years I am definitly going to show him this website. Keep the memories alive..thanks Kerry Lewis

Kerry Lewis - Kansas City, Ks.

I love this site. It is incredible!

Jason Loller - Bedford, TX

Me gustaria saber que informacion tienen de los braniff que viven o vivieron en usa

Gypsi Braniff Rodriguez - Chile

You have a wonderful website. I'm interested in Braniff ever since I read about their stylish airport terminal in Wallpaper* magazine. Your website beautifully captures Braniff's spirit. Unforunately, I've never seen an actual Braniff aircraft - I'm only 20 years old. I hope that Braniff will come back one day. I'd like to read some articles from the inflight magazines. Can you put some articles online?

Stephan Kroeber - Siegen, Germany

I found this wonderful for my father-in-law who loves aviation ;;and especially was interested in me finding out"what Happened" to Braniff: He was a jet mechanic at NAS JAX for 30 years and is now 76!!!!

GayleAnn Bussard - JAX, Fl