This brings back old memories. I have a doctorate in business administration in global management, and wrote my dissertation on the international airline industry. I did not pay enough attention to Braniff at the time, with the Southwest Airlines link. But, I now have an alternative theory, about Southwest. That Southwest Airlines became the new Braniff International. I may use this in a forthcoming book. WHG

Dr. William Hyatt Gordon III - New York City

I worked for the best airleine company that it already existed, with great friends and with a service of first class. I wast Sales Rep. at São Paulo - Brazil, for 10 years and I still remember, from the deep of my heart the whole team: Sandor " Alex " Nagy, in memorian; J.J.Barbosa, Ronald Daker; Sr, Mello, in memoriam; Pedro; Wilson Colocero; Tinho, Lincoln, Silvio, Penny, Yro, Lourdinha, Paulo Keller, Ana;Thomaz; and many others. Anything will make me to forget of the good ones and bad moments of the "CLAN BRANIFF".

João Carlos Décourt - Batatais - São Paulo- Brazil

I worked at Braniff from 1971 until 1979 building "stuff..." I was project engineer on all the DFW facilities including Braniff Place and officed at Exchange Park and later DFW. It was fun to see how many who posted here thought of their time at Braniff as the best... I couldn't agree more.

I always had thought it was because of the times, let's face it before deregulation working for an airline was a license to steal fun.. You could fly anywhere, first class and see things that few ever did, let alone as "kids" like so many of us were...

Would love to hear from folks who were in or worked with properties and facilities..

Louis Nelson - Plano, Texas

I grew up in NYC and since I was a little boy spent many hours watching the planes at the airports. By far the best to watch was BI. I started to collect timetables, glasses, brochures and just about anything Braniff. My best memory of BI was a trip to South America in '74 when I went from NYC to Buenos Aires via Miami, Panama, Lima and Santiago, all the way through without getting off till BA. Thanks for the website I will visit it often.

Mike Torres - Albuquerque, New Mexico