Enjoyed working for Braniff at the JFK Stores form May 1963 through May 12, 1982...

Harold Kilbride - Tucson, Arizona

was just a kid when Braniff vanished in 1982, but I vividly remember watching the colorful 727s fly overhead on their final approach into Denver's Stapleton airport. Thow colorful planes were part of the reason I became interested in aviation, and eventually made it a career. Airlines come and go all the time, but few will be as missed as Braniff. It is so sad that the inovation and creativity has pretty much left the airline industry today. Brian, age 27

Brian Pietrewicz

Thank you very much for bringing me back good memories! Keep up the good work. I was a flight attendant for the Latin American Division (LAD) since 1973.

Ernesto E. Chong Jr. - Panama

I would like to send warm greetings to all "1973" Flight Attendants first graduated from Dallas, Forth Worth promotion from Panama, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru!

Elizabeth - Panama

Former BN employee MEM, MKE, BOS, DFW(HDQ)

My BI friends, I was absent for while and now I'm back into the site.
If you want to get in touch with me please email me I'll be glad to talk with you all Braniff's friends.

Fernando Jose do Amaral - Campinas, SP - brasil