Greatsite, Great Airline. I worked for BI for 11 years until the last day as a flight attendant for the Latin American Division based out of Panama where I had the opportunity to work with the most professional airline employees. Miss you all as I will never forget the good old days! Drop me a line if you come this way.

Ernesto Chong Jr. - Panama

My father was Braniff's GSA in Americana Brasil..
I miss Braniff

Sandra - Brasil

"Old BN Stew" from the Stew Zoo in Dallas. Continued through Braniff #3. Last week's events caused a rekindled network of friendship in the skies. May God bless our fellow cabin crew attendants and God bless "our" America!

Tammy Wilhelm O'Neill - Tampa, Fl. (vicinity)

If you are an ex Braniff employee, please visit and sign in to our address book. IT IS FREE!

Braniff was a great part of my life..We worked hard, we had fun, and it was all worth it..I met wonderful people and made great friends..Braniff was great!!

Annie Sedeau - USA

Based in Panama (LAD) since 1973 and my working days for Braniff were the best.
Wonderful friends from Chile, Colombia and Brazil. Great Website!

Elizabeth - Panama