I started working for braniff in 1973
in seattle. i was there through all the
hard times. the first cutback, about 1975, i transferred to houston. i still
know where i was may 12 1982....i went back for each recall..the last time i was stranded in orlando. but if i was recalled today i might go back. braniff was more than a company, it was an attitude, a feeling of belonging to a family...i miss braniff and always will
i should stop now before i start crying...braniff forever

Walter Roberts - Seattle

Love to visit the website. Great job of collecting BI history. Sorry I didn't keep more during my 15 years as a pilot. I have been looking into having a model made of the Calder 727-200 and have a number of photos but nothing which shows the detail on the #1 engine cowling As I recall it was a snake. If anyone has a photo which shows the detail I would really appreciate an e-mail copy. Keep up the great work and many thanks. Jim Wilson BI 67-82 - Blackjeep2@aol.com

James R. Wilson - San Francisco, CA

I am looking for a gemini jet BN 747-100 the "organge pumpkin" club model. i have 2 747SP baby orange BNs to swap or i will pay cash. please contact me via email: kfrank@radiantsystems.com

Kevin - Metro, Atlanta

I worked for Braniff from 1964 to 1973 as a sales director in NY
and NJ. I had a great time. I really miss Braniff International.
I would like to hear from anyone who worked in sales.

Vince Maffucci - itctours@aol.com, Las Vegas, NV

This site is a true wonder, a great memorial to the once wonderful BRANIFF INTERNATIONAL AIRWAYS. Their 727s were the most beautiful out there. This Site is Great for any Braniff Lover.

Jacob Griffin - Ocean Springs, MS