Wow! This site almost brings tears to my eyes. My dad worked for Braniff for many years. I used to beg him to take me to work with him and he did it twice when I was around 5 years old. I'm a graphic designer so as a kid I used to draw a lot and one of my favorite things to draw was airplanes - and you know it was always Braniff!!! Thanks for the memories. Long live the flying colors!!!

S Smith - Dallas TX

What a superb website! A great memory jog for me and an excellent tribute to the airline that pioneered the idea of unique livery schemes. Today's young aircraft spotters, those born after Braniff's tent folded, never had the chance to see a BI bird, but thanks to this and one or two other sites, Braniff will live forever. Well done, Carlos!

RNO Gary Schenauer - Reno, NV

Carlos, thanks for the great site and remembering our airline.
I was a flight attendant from 1974 until 1989 and also worked on the ramp at DAL and DFw 1972-1974. Thanks again!

John Gregory McFarlane - San Francisco, CA

I am an artist that works in two and three dimensional mediums. I just completed building a diorama of an airport. In 1:400th scale 30"x80"x8", what makes this unprotected miniature
really unique is that it hangs on the wall. My airport, National Guard Base, cargo air, runway, control tower and terminal were carefull pland to give no hint to the identity and location of this work of fiction. My aircraft and airlines would hint where this airport may be. BRANIFF concord and DC-8 (red) were one hint. I surffed the web to end up here.
My interest in BRANIFF aircraft, was primarily for COLOR. secondarily as individual asthetic components of my airial view of this aiport tarmack and appron. My work is difficult to explain, but at 600 hours, the detail shows. I was dissapointed to be reminded that BRANIFF no longer exists. I guess I forgot all about this, even though I still included two Braniff aircraft in my art. Debating if to remove them, I will leave them in. It is my impression that BRANIFF airlines was the first airline to give one of it's aircraft to an artist as his canvas.
All I can say is, "thats too COOL'.

Bill Christensen - Oakland , California