I was with BI from 1956-1979, originally in SAT then DAL. I was in Customer Relations, under Roger Street and Wally Conrad. I am now on the staff of Denver Int'l Airport, as the Terminal Services Manager.

Jack W. McGuire - Denver, CO

I first flew on Braniff from OKC to New Orleans in June of 1970 landing at Love Field for a connecting flight. Was I ever exposed to Braniff!! I wanted to be a Braniff pilot when I grew up. The demise of Braniff was a sad day for everyone.

Ron Crockett - Duncan, OK

Former national & pan am employee who remembers braniff well.

Leonard Moss - Miami, FL

Braniff is the inspiration and style identity that has shared my thoughts about classy sophisticated worldly openminded grandess since i am 4 years old. am munich born, but grew up in lima peru in the 60s and 70s. i travelled the world and design and owe cafe luxus in manhattan, which is airline inspired 60ish. there is no day passing without thinking braniff style. recently found a beautiful black airline bag with white letters saying my beloved braniff international.

Juliae Mache - New York, NY

Former braniff pilot, jack sallee, died in a hangar at sequim valley airport in approx 1999 as a result of an accident.
former braniff operations manager, larry walling, now resides in denver, co. he recently left greyhonud lines. he was their regional driver manager

Roger Rousseau - Denver, CO