I was a flight attendant with Braniff from 1974-1982 and 1984-1989. One of your visitors referred to the bare metal 747. As I remember, that 747 was leased from AA with an understanding that,like all AA aircraft, it would not be painted. I don't know if that is true or not, but that's what I was told. We nicknamed it the "silver streak" and all who flew on it as crew will never forget the lower lobe galleys and those tiny little elevators. You website is very nice. Thanks for helping to keep the memories alive.

Elayne Parris - Houston, TX

My Dad, William "Bill" McCracken was an instructor for Braniff. He worked for Braniff from 1953
until his death in 1982. He was a proud member of the Braniff family.
I sure do miss him and Braniff..

Susan McCracken - Dallas, TX

Your site is wonderful and brings back many fond memories of my Braniff Days. I worked the counter at SEA, starting in 1976. Braniff was a true "gentle woman" of an airline, and as I most fondly remember the "grand Dame" that got you there with "FLYING COLORS".

Gary Hunter - Salt Lake City, UT

As a child, my parents had purchased a new house in 1973 in an area the Realtor assured would not be under the air traffic of the soon-to-open D/FW A/P. SURPRISE for me, right under it and even between runway traffic so I fondly remember Braniff International and the different colors jetting overhead, at 1pm-130pm-ish every day, the unmistakeable roar of #501 on it way to HNL! Later in the 70's and dozens of Fleetwood Mac singles later, I would fly Braniff, take friends to the airport.. "which terminal?".. Braniff... solicit rides home... "meet me at 8pm, I'll be on Braniff!. I never really warmed up to the Ultra-look/Halston thing but times do change... unfortunately in many circumstances. I miss the two-toned beauties with those bright orange seats!

Also worked with many displaced Braniff folx at Muse Air from '83 to '86.. Hello to you all.


Greg Burchill - Dallas, TX