Employee in Instrument shop Lead 31 years from 1951 thru 1982 And Dalfort to sept 17 1992. Braniff Retirement Club
And Record Keeper Of Memberships.Christmas party on Dec 9 e-mail for Details.

Clyde D. Ehlers - Fort Worth

Great website; thanks Carlos! I was a Braniff employee during the "Braniff Airlines" period of 1985-1987. I would love to find some old BI posters of destinations (you know, the ones in airports and travel offices). Anyone know of any for sale?

Robert Kalin - Los Angeles, CA

I began my avaition career with Braniff on January 22, 1968, and worked until it's demise in 1982. I'm proud to say that I gave Braniff the best years of my life, and in return, Braniff gave me the best memories of my life. In the early 60's Braniff announced the end of the "Plain Plane" when Flying Colors took off. In the early 80's Flying Colors landed for the last time, and marked the end of a great airline.

Victor Franzese - Parkland, Florida

I flew Braniff several times back in the 70s and I fondly remember being in the company of some wonderful employees.
At the age of 6,I remember a stewardess who took extra good care of me during one of those flights to whom I would say thank you so much.I was saddened to learn of Braniff's demise. They were my all time favorite airline. I departed with them on many flights out of Stapleton International Airport in Denver, Colo. Thank You,Braniff,for your fine service and hospitality to everyone who boarded your airline. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten especially by me!!!!!

Larry D. Cantrell - IVA, SC

I have the following: BN 727, 727/200 Safety Cards, seat occupied cards,MSP,TUL,DFW,ICT baggage tags. Interest?

Charles Peele, chuckonechuck@aol.com - Florida