Carlos, you have created an excellent site. The graphics capture the spirit of the company, and some of your photos can only be had by insiders. Bravo your investigative skills.

I was a BN employee twice, and my father worked for BN for over 17 years. I miss the industry and the company. While many negatives exist, there are so many positive memories of those days that I have. Interesting that that enough time has past so that I can see them again.

Love Those Flying Colors!

Brian K. Ullrich - Dallas, Texas

Thank you for the beautiful web site you have created here. The color theme is great, as is the layout and the brochure concept! It is a fitting tribute to Braniff and all of it's people and their accomplishments. I hope you will continue to add to this wonderful endeavor, which will keep Braniff alive in our hearts and provide a perspective for those who never knew this great airline.
"Flying Colors" Forever!

Bill Rys - Dunkirk, NY

WOW! Great site to look at and get that Braniff "feeling". Braniff was my first flight as a child to visit my cousins in Latin America. Braniff sparked my desire to work for the airlines at an early age. Loved the cutting edge style in everything that was Braniff. Now a flight attendant for sixteen years, I owe my ambition to Braniff International!


Worked at JFK from 11/18/68 to the end in ramp/ops and passenger service.those were great days.after the demise worked for ransome air at ISP and pan am at JFK now at delta at JFK.

John J. Purcell - Sayville, NY

What a wonderful and tastefully nostalgic site! My father Captain Billy Self flew most of Braniff's airplanes until they closed their doors (each time they closed their doors), which was a very sad day(s). Even now, we still reminisce about how wonderful life was at Braniff and how much fun we all had flying around the world in huge orange planes. Braniff will always be the best airline to me and my dad. Thanks for helping to keep the memory alive!

Greg Self - Los Angeles