Flew with Braniff as a teenager in the 70's. Tons of memories and always have loved this airline. Some of the acft in which I flew in . Flying Colors DC-8's 727's and Calder's DC-8. Which it would come back and get rid of these wanna be airlines we have nowdays.

Jose Tassara - Maryland, USA

Worked for BI from 66 to 82 at BNA and SEA. Even though it's been almost 20 years since the bankruptcy, it's still very sad.

Ted Wilfore - Seattle, WA

Who now owns the rights to the name "Braniff International"?

Walter W. Stumpf Jr. - WWS2@aol.com - Lafayette, NJ, USA

Any DC-8 Jock care to teach me how to fly one? I long time dream of mine. I have single engine experience.
Man what a gas it would be!

Jose Tassara - Jose_Tassara@hotmail.com

My late husband, Tad Thompson, flew for Braniff for 15 years and my children and I remember those as the best years of our lives. Braniff felt like family.

Karen Thompson - San Diego, CA

I´m trying to search something about Aviation´s History, and your site is fantastic. I´m a teacher of Business Administration, so my research is focused in the facts of the majors airliners to figure out the reasons of its successes.

Roberto Minadeo - Brazil