Braniff was the only american owned airline with the vision to fly the Concorde. On August 17, 1979 i flew on Braniff 188 from DFW to Dulles. It was a BA Concorde. I sat in seat 12A. I didn't get to break the sound barrier but at mach .95 we passed a 747 as if it were standing still. Riding the Concorde, sipping champagne and listening to Beethoven's Seventh Symphony-- savoring 3 magnificent human achievements at once was almost too much. I felt like Ayn Rand. My fellow passengers were french and I quickly exhausted my French with them. All I really needed to say was, "Vive Concorde, vive la France". Sadly, I got off at Washington and my new french friends flew on to London. Of all the flights I have flown I remember this one vividly. Taxing to takeoff I noticed faces pressed to the windows of other planes. The subsonic models looked so slow and cumbersome from the seat of a Concorde. It's a shame there never was a
Braniff supersonic DFW-Miami flight. Thanks for this wonderful website.

Charles Reavis - Dallas, TX

I really enjoy your web page. I was the Director of Customer Relations for BI from 1975-79. Before that I was everything from a CargoService Rep; Station Agent at SAT and DAL;Mgr of Central Bag Tracing in DAL from 1956 to 1979. As most of those who have written to you, we are all very proud of Braniff Int'l. Also, I just learned 2 2 weeks ago, that Harding Lawrence passed away. I served under both Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Charles Beard, who succeeded Tom Braniff when he was killed. We had a lot of fun, "Flaunting It". I am presently working at Denver International Airport (DIA) as the Terminal Services Manager. By the way, I heard a rumor that Braniff International Airways, Inc. may fly again. Keep your faith.

Jack W. McGuire - Denver, CO

SAO-CTO then Sales, from 1966 thru 1972 Worked with Joe Jacquemin, then Ron Dacre, under Decio Camões, who was under Bobby Booth, who was under Charlie South...ooooofff! Later was a BIC member (#G246 - SAO) Never was, and never will be, anything that even comes close to the BN saga, especially the Swinging Sixties and the Clan years. If you've got it, flaunt it? We had it, and then some! Remember "Everybody's talking at me, I can't hear a word they're saying...." and how about "Na hananamea...or happenings!", when Fat Albert started the DAL-HNL run. Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end...but unfortunately they did. Thank you, Carlos, for the great site. Thanks for the memmories!
Luis A. Lacheze - Employee I.D. #32.297 - Sales Rep - SAO

Luis Alberto Lachèze (Louie) - Sao Paulo, Braazil