I worked for BN from 1968 till 1972
Ticket Agent / reservation / sales rep. I only "left" BN to become Sheraton's sales manager for Brazil. I was and still am a CLAN member! Always.

Fernando Remedios - Brazil

I've worked for BRANIFF at the VIRACOPOS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT from Sept.1967 thru aprox. 1975... and left the company as customer services airport manager. This was the best job and phase of my life... I just couldn't tell all about it here. This BN site that just came to my eyes means a lot of good remembrances and "saudades" to me. Thank you for conceiving this site.

Caio Cesar Felgar - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Barbara and Leroy Carroll are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on the 22nd of March 2002 at the General Offices of SWA at Love Field from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. All are invited.

Tom Carroll - The Colony, TX - swa_tom@swbell.net

It is probable that very few people will remember Mr. Harding L. Lawrence today, however when I learned about his death, I could not avoid writing a few lines about this intelligent, powerful and visionary man that revolutionized the airline industry in a remarkable fashion.

Mr. Lawrence becomes President and CEO for BRANIFF INTERNATIONAL in 1965, starting a whole revolution in service, glamour, innovation, creativity and elegance characterized by an explosion of colors in each of his airplanes after announcing “The end of plain planes”, as he said.

Hugo Donoso Palacios - Antofagasta-Chile

Made my living with Braniff from 1967 till 1977. Just before leaving I was director of operations at DFW. A lot of good times and wonderfull memories. Most of all the time spent with some fine people.

Paul Mosley - Richmond, Texas