I flew to Viet Nam on Braniff in Feb. 1968. Troops who had finished their year got on the plane after the new arrivals got off. The plane went down the runway only a short didtance, pointed the nose almost straight up and took off like a rocket. I've never seen an airliner do that again.

Glen Graves - Alamogordo, New Mexico

The Museum of Flight’s extensive flight attendant uniform collection makes its first public appearance in Style in the Aisle, a new exhibit opening February 9. Style in the Aisle draws upon the Museum’s collection of airline flight attendant uniforms, airline artifacts, photos and resources donated exclusively for the exhibit. Included in the exhibit are photos and a uniform from Braniff--if you are in the Seattle area between February 9 and June 2 please be sure to come check it out! www.museumofflight.org/display.asp?Page=yleaisle

I am trying to find some information on an airplane my dad acquired when he worked for Braniff sometime in the 1960s. I was wondering if you might know anything about it. Or, perhaps you know someone who might know/collect items such as this airplane. My dad has a 3'x4' orange, plastic Braniff 727 airplane. It makes an engine revving sound, rolls, and the cabin lights up. I have searched the internet trying to find information on it, but I haven't had much luck thus far. The only airplanes that I can find that appear to be equal in size are in a Braniff museum.
I appreciate any information or help that you can offer, stinemorgan@gvtc.com

Thank you! - Kristine Morgan

I first heard about Braniff while I was on the airport detail at DFW with the Texas Army National Guard after 9-11 (some ground crew were talking about skeletons of Braniff in the terminal). I researched the airline and made me wish that it was still around to fly on. Why is it that the best things always seem to disappear?

Ken - Dallas, TX

Service......1968-1982 - " Good Times "

Roy Ralston - Little Elm, TX