Great new website! I love all the colors..I miss Braniff and all the wonderful people!

Robert Monaco - Trophy Club, TX

As a former Marrioitt Inflite employee, I can and always will remember when the DFW/HNL flight would make an unexpected appearance in OKC. That would also mean that there were anywhere from ten to fifteen and sometimes twenty 727s landing on a divert. I will never forget that. It was fun to work those flights and I have fond memories of those days. If there are any Marriott OKC employees around contact me at

Jim Harlow - OklahomaCity/Edmond Area

What a great site and a beautiful reminder of my childhood flying experiences - inspired me to become a Flight Attendant myself -even if flying for UA is distincly less glam. I am working on a book idea about style and glamour in the skies - do any former crew members have some stories they would like to share?

Caroline - MIA

I was 6 years old when I took my first commercial flight from Shreveport, LA to New Orleans, LA. I am now 39 and I will still remember Braniff for introducing me to my greatest love other than GOD, my family, and my friends. Thanks, BRANIFF! You will always be a part of my life.

Randy Crabbe - Texarkana, TX

Has anyone else found it ironic-not to mention very sad-that when a giant corporation like Enron goes out of business and their hard-working, dedicated employees lose their pensions there is this urgent call for pension reform but nary a word was mentioned for all the employees who lost their pensions when their airlines went out of business? Being a former airline employee-alas, not with Braniff though I wish I were-I have met many former Braniff, Eastern, & Pan Am employees, to name a few, who worked for their respective airlines for many years (in some cases over 20 years) and lost everything when their airlines went under. Where was the airline "bailout" for Eastern to save it from Lorenzo's excesses? Maybe if the US govt. cared about the airline industry as much then as it does now, Braniff and those other great airlines would still be flying today.

Felicity Hope - Ft. Worth, TX