Great job

Winston - Florida

Flight Attendent from 76 to 82

Kathi Frazier Duncan - Irvine, CA

Braniff was a great airline to work for. I loved all of Braniff's colors, from the airplanes to the Emilio Pucci uniforms. I was a flight attendant from 1973 - 1982. Enjoyed your web site.

Kathy Hamby Clark - Spring, TX


Superb job recreating the look of Braniff's Colorful look.

Keep up the great work!

Brooke Watts - D/FW
"The Braniff Pages"

I enjoyed three years at Braniff II. A lot of my fellow AAers are ex-Braniff. Thanks for a great site and great memories! You can still buy Braniff T-Shirts from

Brent Eyster - AAer based at DFW

I wanted to make a reservation! My mom flew for TWA in the 70's. Thanks for keeping the Braniff memory alive.

Clint Olivier - Salt Lake City