Worked for Braniff from Jan. 68 until the bankruptcy. First in Chicago and then at Houston. Now am a Deputy with HCSD. Any cargo serviceman from Iah or Ord that remember me please E Mail

Roger Keppler - Pearland, TX

I was an R&E mechanic at ORD from 1977 to %-12-82, To this day it was the best job I ever had, Great People, three airlines later, still nothing like the BRANIFF family. Dan Busta 42874

Dan Busta - Working at Midway Airport

I never flew with BI (I was very young), but I had an aunt that was a FA, so we had BI plates, set of playing cards, knives and forkes, blankets, pillows, everithing. I can say that my BI was part of my chilhood.

Felipe A. Dawes - Buenos Aries, Argentina

Would like to congratulate for he wonderful site of an airline that was one of the best I ever flew.

Dario Parazzoli - Sao Paulo, Brazil

I'm looking information about the braniff international operations in cali colombia for more than two years among people in cali colombia, america and the web, but nothing more than a fade picture in a flightmap and my own memory. there's someone who got this information? I mean photos ,routes description,schedules, equipment,etc. thanks.

Andres Restrepo - Palmira, Colombia

My father, Carl R. Boyles, worked for the old Braniff 1934-1968. He was last a station manager at Dallas Love Field. He loved Braniff.

Laraine Boyles - Ohio