I've been in commercial aviation since 1973, and worked for Braniff from 1977 until 1981,I never felt better that in Braniff, the spirit des corps was increadible and the friends I made are still the best,in spite of everything I remain a BN fan, a friend and a thankful
ex-employee and eternal fan.

Leo Leiva - Saudi Arabia

What a great site. This brings back so many memories. I had the pleasure of flying Braniff many times. My destinations ranged throughout the system. Cities as diverse as Denver Dallas, Acapulco and London. My last flight was on a beautiful forest green 727 from Dallas to Albany, NY.

J B Lepiscopo - Glens Falls, NY

What a great site! Thanks for all the memories....I loved to fly Braniff...I still have the model plane displayed my brother gave me when I was about 15 (I'm now 40!)

Scott - Kansas City

Going through this website really brought back memories. I was a flight attendant back in 1974 and loved every minute of flying. I still have my Pucci dress, scarf, shoes and purse. I love Braniff.

Carla Howey - Denver, Colorado

Beautifull site, congratulations, it was a wonderful travel in time.
I rememberd many flights I went as a kid with my parents from Lima-Peru to Panama and Miami. I had the good luck of flying in most of the different colors of Braniff's planes, especially I cannot forget the wonderfull green and white interior decoration of one of the planes.The last time I flew I remember the confortable soft leather seats.Many good memories, such as when on the weekends my parents took me to the balconys of the Jorge Chavez airport in Lima-Peru to see the different color planes of Braniff. Hopping Braniff International starts flying soon again.

Mark Maccagno - Miami, FL