Working for BN was the best! 1979 saw us all wearing sharp Halston uniforms that were the envy of the whole airline industry. Braniff was the classiest carrier of it's time. I was really proud to be part of such a professional, lively, and dedicated team.

Eddy Robison - Lake Arrowhead

If I could see a list of employees, my father used to work for Braniff. His name was Malcolm Campbell. Thank you.

Richard Campbell

Hi girlfriends! I flew for Braniff from 61 to 67 and lived in Dallas the whole time..I flew the Convair thru the BAC 111 and right up to the 727. Never flew the jumbo to Hawaii, but toured it after I was married and visiting DFW one day. My roomates were Jan Henderson, Kay Felts, Glenna Gulley, Linda Nixon, Anne Vanzandt, Linda Austin,Bev Edmison, Linda Crosley and others too numerous to mention! Moving was almost a monthly chore in those days! I am in touch with Glenna, Anne, Linda Austin,Bev , Linda Nixon. I have two children who are married and live in Texas and Nev. Just last week I bought a 2000 VW beetle in Vapor Blue..I loved the one I had during my Braniff years, so decided to have another one! Wish I had the body I had in 63...Love to all Carol

Carol Reese Currie - Shawnee Oklahoma

Great site. It really bring back some found memories of the Braniff Family

John Jackson - Miami, FL

I am not a former employee of Braniff, but I am trying to located an old Jr. High School friend, Haydee Dempster, who worked for Braniff. I saw a picture of her in your files dated in 1978. We went to school together back in 1958-59 or so. Please contact me at if you know of her whereabouts. She was very special to me. Thank you.

Barbara Cotton Conlan - Sacramento, CA