Dear,what a bright and cheerful website. I especially liked the Calder material, reminds me of a 1/102 scale DC-8-62 model I made several years ago.

Terence Wong-Lane - London, UK

Hi, i was from 4/67 to 7/92. weren't we wonderful??????????? i miss each and everyone of me if you can.........per Joe Mitchell.. we are a dying breed...we are truly special.

Linda Hill Haygood Turner - bedford, texas nine miles from dfw airport

What a great site, it's really great reliving all of my old memories of the great colorful ( beautiful ) fleet of a great airline.

JD Grimes - Atlanta, GA

I miss everyone from braniff III.Would love to hear from Warren Moore Abilene,TX, and Andrew Jackson I dont know where he is now, but if anyone knows where he is , or warren if you are reading this please e-mail

Kala Pospisil - Albertville, Alabama

Just happened to stumble across the site. What a great job and it sure brings back some great memories even though I was only there (Braniff I) for a short while.
Steve Sanford - Bellevue, Washington

About two days ago I had a wonderful encounter with 30 ex-Braniff hostesses from our Buenos Aires Base. It was really very pleasant to remember so many beautiful things about our loved airline. I would also like to add my e-mail address in case someone from any part of the world remembers me or would like to get in touch with me. I used to work for BI as a Flight Attendant since August 1973 to August 1981.

Cristina Tjarks - Buenos Aires, Argentina