A great Web site for a Great Airline! It really shows the level of quility that we have given up to drive our $40,000 SUV's to our $99.00 plane ride!

Pete Tanner - Charlotte, NC

Dad worked for Braniff for forty years. He used to take me with him on weekends. Braniff amazed me as a little boy. The people were stupendous, and I miss them all. Braniff was very unique and will never be forgotten in my mind and heart. The Flying Colors will live forever. People like Hamish, Georgy, and Patsy, and all the fromer Chicago Crew were great wonderful people and I miss them all. Braniff was more tha a job to the employee's, they really had pride in the airline. The people were as unique and special as the colors of the aircraft. Thanks!

Scott Lebeter - West Chicago, IL

I am so happy to find this site. Once I was a flight attendant, based at Rio-de-Janeiro, when BRANIFF was shut-down in 1982. I feel very good to remember how everything was, the planes, the uniforms. I feel sorry that the training center in DFW was sold to another company, I've got very good memories and experience from there. I would like that any colleague from South-America to contact me by e-mail, cgnp@terra.com.br

Graça Faccio - São Paulo / Brazil

Was a flight attendant for Braniff till the bitter end, have worked for two other airlines since (now flying with United) and none compare to Braniff. I had the best times of my flying career there. People I fly with now can't believe me when I talk about the service we did and the interior of our planes.
Great site, keep up the good work

Martin Parent - Phoenix, AZ

I grew up in New Orleans and miss Braniff very much. I was just a kid on tht very sad day of their demise in 1982. I was on a nonrev pass from DFW-MSY. My father was working for Southern,Reublic,Northwest. I now am in my 18th year with NW and there is nothing that will ever replace the inspirition that Braniff gave me as a child. Thanks for a great website and I might add that it is one of the best laidout sites that I have ever been to. Keep up the good work. "We better be better, We're Braniff"!

Keith Mock - Westland, Michigan