Bitten by the Braniff Bug, like so many others, I enjoyed your site tremendously. Beautiful lay-out! I worked in Mexico City Sales (early 1960's)followed by Customer Relations in Dallas(Love Field); Sales in Quito and back to Mexico City in the early 70's.

Frans Milders - Bilthoven, the Netherlands/ Paris, France

A great joy seeing the FLYING COLORS and the birds once again.
A lot of beautiful memories !! Thanks for the page.

Soledad Sastre - Buenos Aires, Argentina

As a 6th+ cousin of the late Tom E Braniff, i am pleased to see how dedicated this site is to braniff air ways, and it fills me with pride and honour to see what my family name means to everyone conserned. it makes me realise that anything is possible if you set your heart to it. thanks to all for making this a truley moving web site. Yours truley M K Braniff

Martin Braniff - St. Andrews Scotland

This is a fantastic site. I belong to the Clipped B's (former flight attendants) Brought back so many memmories!

Judy White Giles - Dallas, TX

I love this website!!! I sure wish Braniff could be in business again. It was a great airline.

Rene Jaco - Freeport, NY

When I visited the USA in 1979 and 1980 I was flying BN on more than 60 segments within the mainland and hawaii(BN airpass).
The BN inflight service, especially in the first class was absolutely great!
I enjoyed it very much. It's a great pity that BN does not exist anymore. Bye,

Manni Biel - Germany